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Outsourcing Test

Tests can be done by both CEM and independent outfits such as Circuit Plus Inc. We believe that test conducted by a third party will:
• Remove the necessity of substantial capital investment requirements by OEM/CEM
• Remove expert engineering/labor costs (wages, training, etc.) required to plan,
program and conduct testing
• Provide unbiased value added insight for process enhancement/adjustment thus
reducing rework
• Provide immediately available expertise to choose the most effective and most
economical test strategy at no cost
• Provide OEM/CEM with an additional source of quality control
• Expertise and flexibility in meeting development cycles
• Open architecture philosophy from standard to complete custom solutions
• Expertise with most major software platforms, test executives and languages
• Expertise in test system creation including:
      o Tester and line validation process
      o Set-up of test systems


Our highly trained staff are well versed in their area of expertise and committed to superior product quality. Circuit Plus Inc strives to meet the most stringent criteria in designing, developing and performing tests.

Circuit Plus Inc test development service offers a choice of test strategies, from un-powered tests with limited digital capabilities to high performance, high capabilities hence expanding customer’s options for the right test at the right cost.

We perform thorough Design For Testability (DFT) Analysis to help customers improve their designs allowing more leverage for future testability.

Our test development capabilities include:

• Tests for expected shorts and opens between nodes
• Un-powered tests for discreet components
• Testjet or vectorless un-powered tests for IC
• Digital tests
• Custom ASIC tests
• Boundary scan test
• Programming on flash, FPGA, CPLD, EEPROM, micro-controller, etc...

Besides vacuum fixture, we implement fixture with multiple boards for low-volume/complex products, split fixture for high node count boards, dual-well fixture with throughput multiplier /share-wired capabilities and dual-stage fixture with functional test incorporated. We also design and incorporate fixture electronics (clock buffers, clock dividers, etc.) to improve overall test coverage. We implement ICT & Functional combination test strategy to provide test time optimization.

How we handle your test job

Within 5 business days after receiving your RFQ package we will provide you with a quotation that includes:

• Our suggestions for the most appropriate test strategy
• Detailed scope of the job
• Detailed pricing


Should you accept our quotation and issue us a PO, our engineering will:

• Assign a project supervisor
• Order any outsourced requirements
• Prepare and validate test programs
• Issue a work order delineating all requirements

Your project supervisor will:

• Inform you of expected delivery date
• Receive, inspect, identify and label all materiel (including assemblies that are
  to be tested)
• Schedule the job
• Prepare daily, weekly and monthly failure & troubleshooting reports
• Communicate all issues to you
• Make sure that the job is done according to work order at every stage and that
  delivery is made on time.
• Document every stage of the work to ensure traceability

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