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Outsourcing Design

Designing is the most expensive and time consuming part of any new product development. It not only involves turning a concept into a functioning product but the end product must be in compliance with existing local/international standards and regulations, manufacturable, testable and marketable.

By outsourcing design to Circuit Plus Inc our customers:

• Need not invest substantial amounts in acquiring expertise
• Need not invest substantial amounts in purchasing of instruments, tools and software
• Will keep their human resources costs to an absolute minimum
• Will substantially reduce concept to product cycle time
• Will have guaranteed results backed by proven track record

Product Quality Assurance and Verification Test

Circuit Plus Inc performs verification testing of system/subsystem of the end product to ensure proper functionality and product quality prior to production release. Utilizing our strengths in testing, Circuit Plus Inc develops software test cases for all of the required verification tests.

Product verification testing includes:

• System level functional testing of hardware and software system components
• Design verification planning for customer acceptance
• Develop ‘Customer requirement test matrix’ to verify operation of each testable requirement
• Develop software test cases to exercise all testable requirements
• Compliance tests to industry standards
• Complete test summary reports with problem tracking database

How we handle your design job

Within 1-2 weeks after receiving your RFQ package we will provide you with a quotation that includes:

• Our suggestions for the most appropriate design strategy
• Detailed scope of the job
• Cost estimation excluding validation costs


Should you accept our quotation and issue us a PO, our engineering team will:

• Assign a project supervisor
• Setup milestones
• Create preliminary schematics
• Create preliminary bill of material
• Estimate components, PCB, assembly and test costs for prototyping stage
• Estimate components, PCB, assembly and test costs for production as per your
  estimated annual usage
• Finalize schematics for prototypes
• Finalize PCB design for prototypes
• Finalize the bill of material complete with alternate manufacturer part numbers and
  order PCB and components
• Establish production and test strategy for prototypes
• Establish production and test strategy for volume production
• Deliver working, manufacturable, testable, prototype along with volume production
  and test strategy package.
• If validation is required, separate quotation will be prepared

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